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Optimize your clinical development with Functional Service Provider (FSP) models that deliver a flexible mix of functional expertise, resource management, and technology-enabled solutions for your global programs.

We understand your need to design the right solution – including experts, knowledge and technologies to enhance your clinical development performance.

Discover the Value of FSP Models

● Devices don’t need to be researched with the same degree of scrutiny as drugs if they show ample safety and effectiveness in confirmatory studies that support a Premarket Approval (PMA) application

● Scalability, with the ability to rapidly respond to any change

● Resource management that offers flexibility and stability

● Keep, share or delegate responsibility to COD Research, while maintaining business continuity

● Cost-effective and efficient delivery

● Innovation and functional integration, to accelerate time to market

● Greater visibility and control through collaborative ways of working

Benefits of FSP Model with COD Research

● Receiving trained resources, with quality oversight

● Experts on call, to support any services

● Reducing training hours, on time availability of resources

● Reducing the risk of extra costs because of the fixed charges

● Saving overhead cost for maintaining minimum infrastructure

● Rescue support during attrition/scale up time

● Less liabilities like insurance, appraisal, attrition, people management

● Overall allowing client to focus on decision making and science vigour

● High-end expert works in client’s system and uplifts the system via their high scale of experience

● Skilled resources at different level of experience and line management by COD, works in client’s system as Umbrella team

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