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● Vaccines help save millions of lives, controlling the spread of diseases worldwide.

● They can help the body build an immune response by producing antibodies to protect itself from a particular disease.

During the Pandemic of COVID-19, COD Research had a dynamic experience in successfully conducting vaccine clinical trials with a study population of more than 55000 participants.

Our highly personalized services and research professionals’ expertise can meet multiple milestones, solve recruitment challenges, monitor safety and effectiveness, and so much more in your vaccine development plan across phases.

We offer enormous, global impression and clinical development solutions, and service areas in accumulation to various outsourcing models to meet the definite needs of our patrons.

We at COD Research partner with global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the design and execution of vaccines. Our vaccine research trials are aimed at safeguarding patients against diseases like Influenza, H1N1, Rabies and Tuberculosis.

COD vaccine research capabilities include

Highly experienced team with expertise in handling and anticipating your vaccine development plan across phases

Direct involvement in the design, implementation and/or execution of clinical trials

Highly specialized and vaccine-experienced dedicated resources for scale up of your infectious disease vaccine programme

Our vaccine services include

Operational expertise of pivotal, field-efficacy studies delivery globally and across a range of targeted populations

Rapid site identification and capacity to support large vaccine efficacy trials

We believe in driving your milestone success and providing high-quality deliverables within budget for your vaccine trials.

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We offer unparalleled knowledge, support, guidance, and extremely experienced clinical research professionals to the biotechnology, life science, and medical device industries.