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There is no success in today’s R&D world without in-depth therapeutic expertise to support Trial Execution, Consulting and Placement solutions.


We offer end-to-end study execution and consulting services across a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas, including oncology, immunology, CNS, vaccines, and rare diseases, among others. Our experience allows us to execute the most complex clinical trials and provide tailored solutions to pharma and biotech companies.


With our strategically well-established scientific and comprehensive approach to clinical research, we have the capabilities to design and execute almost all significant areas of cancer clinical trials.

Our Oncology expertise is spread across various indications of colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, leukemia, gastric cancer, prostate cancer, advanced non-squamous non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), head and neck cancer, and metastatic breast cancer.

COD Research Oncology Clinical Trial Advantage

● Preparation of a well-designed study plan for the successful execution of novel therapies

● Speedy start-up and faster recruitment timelines

● Development of effective patient retention strategies for staying in line with study objectives

● Proper training for the site team on achieving the study objectives


We have extensive expertise in Ophthalmology studies. Our consistent track record as an experienced clinical trial service provider helps us adapt to the requirements of all types of Ophthalmology trials.

COD Research Ophthalmology Clinical Trial Advantage

● We have a well-developed site network for overcoming challenges concerning patient recruitment and retention despite the unique limitations and challenges of the trial, among other factors.

● Our clinical trial expertise in Ophthalmology is spread across different indications of pain and inflammation, wet AMD, open-angle glaucoma, corneal epithelial defect etc.

● Conducted trials for multiple Ophthalmology indications within India for USFDA, EMEA, and DCGI submissions cost-effectively with a robust QMS system for quality and timely deliverables.


Seamless execution of your psychiatry trials with our accelerated recruitment, quality, and reliable data. This indication of research is one of the key focus areas of expertise for COD research.

COD research has an exclusive, well-developed clinical trial team of medical, scientific, and regulatory experts for managing and executing all types of challenges in Psychiatry clinical trials.

COD Research Psychiatry Clinical Trial Advantage

● Experienced medical team which provides a strategic direction for Psychiatry clinical trials concerning design, planning, training of operational staff, working with the principal investigator, medical monitoring services, and ongoing meetings with regulatory agencies for the relevant approvals

● Experience and expertise in handling and executing global clinical trials in psychiatry.

● Well-established site relationships and Key Opinion Leader networks (KOLs)

● Availability of detailed site network profiles for speedy and effective patient enrolments.

● Extensive knowledge of screening tools and trackers to manage patient activities during the housing period for patient-based study trials of off-patent molecules and molecules in clinical development.

Our expertise in Psychiatry is spread across diverse indications like Depression and Schizophrenia.


Tactical leadership for the design and execution of Nephrology trials with the support of a dedicated team, we help you conduct renal disease clinical trials and overcome challenges in identifying and recruiting patients with our well-established trusted site and critical opinion leader networks.

COD Research Nephrology Clinical Trial Advantage

● Well-experienced and established hospital site network with appropriate patient identification for nephrology clinical trials.

● We have the capabilities to handle global nephrology clinical trials with a dedicated team of experts.


Efficiently streamline your Neurology trials with our accelerated recruitment experience, strategic patient retention strategy, and integrated study data.

We understand what is involved in the conduct of successful neurology clinical trials across the critical phases of the clinical trial life cycle.

COD Research Neurology clinical trial advantage

● We have a centralized neuroimaging expertise led by radiologists and neurologists with decades of clinical trial experience.

● Our medical experts have the expertise to guide and provide strategic direction in the study design and planning aspects.

● Optimum quality execution standards in trial conduct with the highest efforts and efficiencies directed towards patient recruitment.

● Specialized and dedicated site network for recruitment of patients with neurological disorders.

● Well-developed relationships with key opinion leaders in the neuroscience field.

● Extensive expertise in Neurology in different indications, including migraine disorders.


At COD Research, we have extensive experience and expertise handling some unique aspects of respiratory and inhaled drug products. We help our clients navigate the complex challenges of respiratory clinical trials through our experienced clinical development team.

We have well-established site relationships, clinical operation skills, and a committed study team to drive your complex respiratory and inhalation studies towards a successful outcome.

COD Research Pulmonology Clinical Trial Advantage

● In-depth understanding of the conduct of respiratory clinical trials, particularly concerning bronchial asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

● Dedicated medical and scientific team for managing and executing respiratory clinical trials in line with regulatory requirements.

● Our clinical operations team is well equipped with the knowledge of epidemiology, etiology, diagnosis, and treatment options for respiratory diseases.

● Expertise in patient recruitment and management concerning seasonality for respiratory clinical trial conduct coupled with our developed site network.


Despite improvements in therapeutic options, rheumatic diseases remain severe and life-threatening. Patients continue to have active diseases, and adequate treatment of some rheumatic diseases still remains a challenge.

We are well positioned to assist you in developing cost-effective, innovative solutions to challenging study parameters.

COD Research Rheumatology clinical trial advantage

● Capabilities to provide strategic direction with well-trained strategic teams

● Our clinical team selects sites with dedicated, experienced investigators and appropriate patient population, which is usually a critical task in study execution.

● Well-developed site network to support efficient and effective patient enrolment.

● Well-informed and knowledgeable team for successful trial conduct.

At COD Research, we are ready to meet all our clients' study requirements.

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We offer unparalleled knowledge, support, guidance, and extremely experienced clinical research professionals to the biotechnology, life science, and medical device industries.