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Clean Data for Smarter Decision-Making

We offer multiple validated, industry-leading technology platforms. Diversified COD Research experts advise suitable clinical software applications based on client and study size. It begins with a careful review of study specifications and requirements, client preferences/history, and data to be collected. Since the advance of technology, clinical trial logistics are being constantly revamped. Remote data capture is a consumer truth due to advanced digital literacy. Our data manager carries experience in integrations of real-time data collection tools, ePRO, and eCOA with EDC.

● Case report form design (electronic/paper)

● Faster database design and build

● Data validation and quality assurance

● Real time data review and data reconciliation

● Medical coding

● Study metrics and tracking

● Database finalization and extraction

● Data consolidation, migration and conversion

Why COD Research Data Management ?

Lead data manager with 11+ years of experience and worked on 50+ clinical studies.

Team with hands-on experience on various EDC systems like Medidata RAVE, TrialKit, Oracle Clinical, Clinton, Medrio, and many more.

Shorter lead time for study Go-Live

Strategic partner with the industry-leading clinical platform providers like Medidata RAVE and TrialKit

Seamless integrations with other clinical software/technologies

Handled multiple GCTs studies with 20000+ study subjects

Worked in significant therapeutic areas

Provided support on standalone services via the FSP model


Data management plan
Case report form design (electronic/paper)
Faster database design and build along with robust validation check
User acceptance testing


Real time data review, data validation and data reconciliation
Medical coding
Study metrics and tracking
Quality control to ensure validity and integrity of the data
Identification of data trends


Database finalization and extraction


Follows standards like CDISC- CDASH/SDTM
Design and set-up of patient recorded data (paper or electronic (e-diary))
Data consolidation, migration and conversion

Different models
to meet diverse needs

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We offer an array of niche and full-fledged CRO services, from clinical trial protocol development to post-marketing surveillance. Whatever your need, rope in COD Research experts to breeze through regulatory approvals and get your drug or device on the market soon.